How Do You Build Your Own Quilting Frame?


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To create your own adjustable quilting frame, join two saw horses together with wooden rods. Bolt one rod onto one end of the saw horses, and clamp the other rod onto the opposite end. You need saw horses, wooden rods, hanger bolts, C-clamps and a drill, as well as vise grips, washers and wing nuts, for this project.

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First, select two 1-inch-by-2-inch wooden rods that are 10 inches longer than the width of the quilt backing. Drill a 0.5 inch hole into the top of both saw horses, 1.75 inches in from the end, and use a pair of vise grips to screw a hanger bolt into each hole. Place one wooden rod across the saw horses, making sure that the ends are flush, then mark two drill holes on the rod so that they align with the hanger bolts. Drill the holes, and thread the hanger bolts through the rods. Fasten the rod in place with a washer and wing nut.

Clamp the other rod onto the opposite end of the saw horses with two C-clamps. Use flat headed tacks to secure the quilt backing to this rod. Remove the wing nuts, and roll the excess fabric around the rod with the bolts. The clamped end adjusts the tension of the quilting surface. Paint and sand the quilting frame for a more polished finish.

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