How Do You Build Your Own Duck Call Kit?


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Tools for making a duck call device are lathes, wood tools, mandrels, collet chucks and call jigs, according to Make a Duck Call. Materials include wood blanks, acrylic blanks, reeds and cork.

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The barrel and the insert are the two main parts of a duck call device, Make a Duck Call explains. The insert is located inside the barrel. Air pressure from the barrel passes through the insert, which has two parts called the toneboard and the exhaust. The sound of the duck call depends on the length of the barrel and insert. A duck call can either have one or two reeds, depending on what sound the caller wants to create. Single-reed calls are sharper, while double-reed calls have a raspier quality.

The lathe is the most important tool in a duck call kit, as stated by Make a Duck Call. Wood tools of varying sizes helps with shaping and creating details and notches. A mandrel is necessary, since it holds the blank in place. A collet chuck, a small steel cylinder that slips over the insert, is also a useful tool. People making their own duck calls need call jigs that are used for cutting the shape of the toneboard. Sandpaper, safety goggles, a drill and a caliper are other tools that are helpful parts of a duck call kit.

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