How Do You Build Your Own Character on Minecraft?


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Creating a custom Minecraft character involves designing a unique skin and using the Minecraft settings menu to apply the skin. The process can be completed easily through the Minecraft Skin Editor tool provided by the website Nova Skin.

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Nova Skin's Minecraft Skin Editor tool breaks characters down into six distinct segments: head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg and right leg. All six sections of a Minecraft character's body contains a fixed number of pixels. The Nova Skin editor allows users to specify the exact color of each pixel using a variety of photo editing tools, including paint buckets and brushes. One of the more useful tools Nova Skin offers is the ability to mirror leg and arm designs automatically .

Once users are pleased with their designs, the image can either be downloaded to the user's computer as a PNG file or transported directly from Nova Skin to their Minecraft account. If downloaded, the skin must be uploaded to their Minecraft account through the upload tool located in the profile section of Minecraft's official website. With either route, it often takes a few minutes for the new skin to be applied. Uploading a skin file through Minecraft's website is the only way for the skin file to work both online and offline.

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