How Do You Build Navy Ship Models?

How Do You Build Navy Ship Models?

In order to build a navy ship model, the frame, hull and detailed pieces will need to be constructed and glued, after which the units must be completely painted. Building a model from scratch takes precise engineering, as one mistake can completely throw off the geometry of the ship.

There are thousands of models available for children and adults to make, all ranging in different sizes and difficulty levels. Military models are one of the most popular categories in terms of scale models. Custom models are much harder to design and the following instructions help provide a clearer understanding of how to create a Navy battleship.

  1. Create a blueprint
  2. Use a pencil and paper to create a design for the ship. Draw the frame and hull to include the proper dimensions needed.

  3. Gather the materials
  4. Custom ships are made from a variety of different materials, with the most common choice being wood. Choose the type of material wanted for the ship.

  5. Construct the frame
  6. Begin measuring the material and cutting out the necessary pieces required for the frame. A solid frame consists of support beams and planks stacked on-top of each other.

  7. Assemble the hull
  8. Measure wooden planks to fit across the width of the ship and position them on top of its frame.

  9. Mount the ship's accessories
  10. Sculpt the cannons, windows and other accessories of the ship.

  11. Decorate the ship
  12. Once the model is constructed, paint it. It is best to have a picture of the actual ship on-hand, so the colors can be matched to it.

  13. Display the model
  14. Build a stand to hold the ship.