How Do You Build a Miniature Catapult?

How Do You Build a Miniature Catapult?

To build a miniature catapult, use chopsticks or pencils and elastic bands to form a pyramid shape, make holes in a plastic cup, and use these to attach the cup to one of the triangular face of the pyramid with elastic bands. Pull the cup and let it go to use the catapult.

Begin making a miniature catapult by arranging three chopsticks in a triangular shape on a flat surface. Ensure that the ends of the chopsticks overlap, and affix the ends using elastic bands of medium width.

In the same manner, attach three more chopsticks to the triangle so that a pyramid shape that is freestanding is formed. When affixing the chopsticks, ensure that their thinner tips are positioned towards the pyramid's top. This makes the structure more stable.

Make three holes at equal distance from one another in the plastic cup just below its rim. Use a pen for this purpose. Insert one elastic band through each of the holes made, and knot them securely.

Then, position the pyramid such that one of its triangular sides faces you. Place the cup on this side so that its open end faces you, and tie one elastic band each to the three corners of the triangle. The cup should remain suspended.

To use the catapult, place an object in the cup, and pull it backwards while holding the pyramid's rear side down to stabilize the structure. Then, let go of the cup to fire the object.