How Do You Build a Mega EX Pokemon Card Collection?


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To build a Mega EX Pokemon card collection, begin by visiting retail locations such as Target and Toys"R"Us to shop for booster packs and larger box sets. Online vendors such as TrollandToad.com also provide customers with Mega EX Pokemon trading cards, and shoppers may purchase secondhand cards from Amazon.com and eBay.com. Mega EX Pokemon trading cards represent mega evolved Pokemon, but most of the EX Pokemon collection consists of basic Pokemon.

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As you begin to purchase more cards, buy a card sleeve binder to begin displaying your collection. Purchase individual card sleeves, which are designed to hold nine cards in a three by three arrangement, and begin filling the sleeves up. You can arrange your cards based on each Pokemon's number in the Pokedex or by other factors such as alphabetical name or element type. You can save your energy cards for dedicated pages or arrange them according to element type.

Many standard cards are available in booster packs, but rarer imported, promotional, or special cards are sometimes only available as individual listings, such as on eBay and other secondhand locations. These secondhand websites are a good place to sell your extra cards as well, especially if you find many duplicates in booster packs.

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