How Do You Build a Marik Structure Deck for Yu-Gi-Oh?

How Do You Build a Marik Structure Deck for Yu-Gi-Oh?

Purchase one of the structure decks based on Marik's cards sets from the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" anime from retailers, or buy individual cards in the set available from specialty toy stores. A ready-made deck comes in a 42-card set.

  1. Buy the whole deck

    The 42-card set includes 40 tournament-legal "Yu-Gi-Oh!" cards based on Marik's set of Gravekeeper monster cards. Ten of these Gravekeeper cards come in the set.

  2. Add individual cards

    Customize a deck with individual cards that enhance a Marik structure deck. Add another copy of Allure of Darkness or other "dark" attribute support cards. The key card is Necrovalley, a spell card that prevents cards that move other cards away from the graveyard. "Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley" and "Hidden Temples of Necrovalley" support this deck. Add spell cards that prevent Necrovalley from being removed prematurely.

  3. Pare down the deck

    Weed down the deck to get as close to 40 cards as possible. The best "Yu-Gi-Oh!" decks have fewer cards because players have a greater chance of drawing certain cards in the deck.

  4. Try out the deck

    The only way to determine if your deck is successful is to try it out. Duel your friends, find out what works and alter your deck accordingly. Add or take away cards before the next duel to help determine the success rate of a Marik structure deck.