How Do You Build a Longhouse for a School Project?

Make a longhouse for a school project by attaching half an oatmeal cylinder to a shoebox and gluing on crepe paper. For a more authentic looking longhouse, glue twigs to the house instead of the paper.

Get an oatmeal cylinder and a shoebox that are roughly the same length. Cut the oatmeal cylinder with its lid attached in half lengthwise to produce two semicircles. With an adult's help, cut three 1-inch holes spaced evenly along the curved side of the oatmeal cylinder. On one of the short sides of the shoebox, cut out a small rectangle for the door.

Place the cut oatmeal cylinder cut side down on top of the shoebox, and glue it into space. The holes should be on top of the house. Brush glue on the surface of the longhouse, and attach small pieces of brown crepe paper to resemble tree bark.

Gather several small twigs and pieces of long grass. Break or cut the twigs into pieces the length of the house walls, and glue them on, using a glue that dries clear. Cut dried long grass to fit the arch of the longhouse roof, and glue it down. Arrange the grass around the holes, and leave them open.