How Do You Build a Lightsaber?


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Begin building a lightsaber by constructing the hilt with PVC tubing. Next, build the blade section with a translucent polycarbonate tube, wire the electronics from an LED light and attach everything together.

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  1. Build a lightsaber handle

    With a PVC cutter, cut the PVC handle to the preferred length. Next, drill a hole in the hilt. Make sure the area is large enough to properly fit the switch. Measure and cut a slot at the bottom of the handle to fit the battery pack.

  2. Make the blade

    Cut your translucent polycarbonate tube with a hacksaw, and sandpaper it until the surface turns white. Glue a matchstick across both openings. Finally, duct tape the base so it fits in the handle.

  3. Make the light

    Cut two strips of wire and remove the insulation. Lay your LED light in a row from head to tail. Wrap one wire around the longer, positive legs of the LEDs and the other around the negative. Lower the string through the tube and glue both ends to either matchstick. Finally, with translucent tape, seal both ends with tin foil.

  4. Wire the electronics

    Solder two wires to the on/off button and thread them through the hole in the hilt. Attach the blade. Solder all of the wires to their appropriate points. After everything is in order, fit it all into the handle and duct tape together, if necessary.

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