How Do You Build a Lego House?


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Lego bricks can be used to build several types of houses, so the first step is deciding on a design. Lego sells pre-designed kits with all the pieces and instructions, but you may also use a general collection of bricks to make your own design.

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Lego houses usually sit on a green base meant to resemble a lawn. First, plan the size of the house so it fits on the base and even leaves room for landscaping, if desired. Next, build the foundation. Frame in the inner rooms using a combination of long and square bricks. Once the floor plans are laid out, start building up the walls by stacking the long pieces. Ideally, all exterior bricks should be the same color. Intersperse square bricks for stability. Don't forget to build a doorway into the front. You may use the Lego door pieces for this. Likewise, about halfway up the wall is where windows go. Use the Lego window pieces, and build around them using shorter bricks, then reverting to long bricks over the windows.

Once the house is at the desired height, use wide pieces to create the ceiling. Frame the roof using lintel pieces, which have a slanted edge. Keep stacking the slanted bricks to complete the roof. Leave space at the apex of the roof to build a chimney. Use a square brick for the chimney, stacking two for a taller stack. Complete the house with people or landscaping, as desired.

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