How Do You Build a Lego Dinosaur?


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To build a Lego dinosaur, attach the body pieces to the body support, insert black bricks in between, join the body assemblies, and affix the head and tail at the front and rear ends of the body. Finally, snap the arm and leg pieces on either side of the body.

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The Lego dinosaur set contains two external body pieces with cylindrical holes and two more with cylindrical rods. Attach one each of these two types of body pieces on opposite sides of the central body support. Affix the two black bricks into the depression created between the body pieces, keeping the two circles on top and the sloping side slanted outwards. This creates the back of the dinosaur.

Snap the sides of the two body assemblies together, keeping the rounded ends facing outward. Attach the tail at the back end of the body to the support. The head is attached to the neck at the front end of the body. Finally, affix the arms and legs of the dinosaur into the circular openings located towards the front and back of both sides of the body. To build different types of dinosaurs, attach different types of head, crest and spike pieces.

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