How Do You Build a House in Skyrim?

How Do You Build a House in Skyrim?

Building a house in "Skyrim" requires having the "Hearthfire" add-on installed. With "Hearthfire" installed, three plots of land become available for purchase. Choose one to buy, and you can begin building your house on top of it from raw materials.

  1. Decide on your plot of land

    Plots of land are available in Falkreath, The Pale and Hjaalmarch. When you first visit these areas after installing "Hearthfire," a courier appears to notify you that plots are available. If for some reason the courier does not appear, you can also purchase plots simply by visiting the Steward of the area. Each plot costs 5,000 septims. Completion of a radiant quest may also be necessary to be able to purchase the land.

  2. Build a small house using basic materials

    When you purchase a plot, enough raw materials are delivered to build a small house. The process starts by selecting the blueprints for a small house at the drafting table. You can then take the materials to the Anvil to make the required parts: 30 nails, two hinges, one lock and one fitting. Then visit the Carpenter's Workbench with all of the parts and materials, lay the foundation, and add all of the essential parts.

  3. Build your desired additions

    Exterior additions are built using additional materials. Some examples are a garden or a stable.