How Do You Build a House in Minecraft?


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Minecraft allows players to build their houses and shelters in an infinite number of ways. However, a basic shelter or house has four main components: a solid floor, a roof, walls and a door.

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How Do You Build a House in Minecraft?
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The floor or foundation is one of the most important features of a quality house in Minecraft. Building on the wrong material can lead to problems when digging underneath it, so the best foundations are made from stone or wood, and placed on solid dirt or stone. Building on sand or gravel is not advised, as both materials are prone to shifting and are unstable when digging through them.

The materials used for walls and roofs vary wildly, since the game allows total freedom in building with any available materials. Stone and wood are common choices, as is glass; a glass house can be very pleasant to look at and allows full vision of the area outside. It is always advisable to make sure the roof covers the entire area of the house, since many creatures can jump or climb into open spaces and enter a house.

Lastly, a door allows the player to come and go from the house, and keeps out creatures and monsters during the night. Monsters cannot open a door placed by a player, so the door ensures total security. Doors can be made from wood or iron; iron doors are sturdier and more resistant to damage.

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