How Do You Build a Homemade Model Airplane?


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Build a homemade model airplane by first choosing a desired model airplane kit. Use a hobby knife to separate the pieces and sandpaper to smooth the edges. Use model glue to assemble, and then paint with model-approved paint and small paint brushes.

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Begin building a homemade model airplane by clearing a workspace. Place newspaper over the surface of your workspace in order to protect it from the model glue and paint. Take the sprues and wash them with soap and warm water to remove any remaining grease. Use the hobby knife to separate the pieces from the sprues. If any rough edges remain, sand them smooth with sandpaper.

Paint both the airplane body and other exterior parts with model paint. Allow them to dry for at least one day, and then apply a glossy clear coat. Once it dries, place the engine and cockpit pieces into the airplane's body. Only use a small amount of glue to prevent it from leaking out from under the parts. This necessitates filing and sanding to remove it.

Apply glue to the wheels and cockpit canopy, and then press them into place. Hold the pieces firmly in order for them to bond. Place any included decals onto the airplane's body after soaking them in water for 30 seconds. This promotes adhesion.

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