How Do You Build a Homemade Distiller?


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To build a homemade distiller, insert a metal feed-through via a hole drilled in the lid of a metal container, fill the container with the water to be distilled, and heat the water. Then, affix a plastic hose to the feed-through, and position the hose's other end in a glass jug.

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Use a metallic pot with a lid that fits tightly or a pressure cooker of a capacity of 1 gallon or more to build a distiller. After making a hole in the lid of the metallic pot, thread a feed-through made of stainless steel and with a diameter of 3/8 inches through it so that the latter's barbed tip faces out from the pot. If using a pressure cooker, insert the feed-through via the cooker's post for releasing pressure.

Then, clean the metal pot or pressure cooker thoroughly with fresh water, let it dry in air, and pour the water to be distilled in it until the pot is three-fourths full. Heat the water on a stove to 200 degrees Fahrenheit or slightly higher.

Observe for steam coming out from the feed-through continuously for a minimum of five minutes, and affix a 3-feet long plastic hose with an appropriate diameter to the fitting. Introduce the hose's open end in a glass jug with one-third the capacity of the metal pot or pressure cooker.

During distillation, water vapor that condenses collects in the glass jug. Switch off the heat when water vapor condensation stops. After distillation, cool the metal pot for a minimum of 30 minutes, and clean it.

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