How Do You Build a Fort Out of Blankets?


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Build a fort out of blankets by placing four sturdy kitchen or dining room chairs into a square formation with the seats facing out and draping a large blanket over the top of the chairs to create the ceiling and walls. Put pillows and blankets inside the fort for comfort.

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  1. Clear the area for the fort

    Remove breakable items from the fort area. Push delicate or easily tipped furniture out of the way.

  2. Arrange four chairs in a square

    Use four kitchen or dining chairs to create the four walls of the fort. Push the chairs into a square shape with the seats facing out so that the fort has plenty of room inside. Choose chairs that are steady so that they do not tip.

  3. Drape a blanket over the chairs

    Take a queen- or king-size blanket, and lay it over the top of all four chairs. The blanket makes the roof of the fort. If necessary, anchor the blanket to the chairs with clothespins or hold it in place by setting heavy items on top of the edges of the blanket on the seats of the chairs.

  4. Place pillows and blankets inside the fort

    Spread a thick blanket or sleeping bag over the floor of the fort space. Add a few pillows to make the spot cozy.

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