How Do You Build an End Portal in "Minecraft"?

Activate the End portal in the PC version of "Minecraft" by placing one Eye of Ender on each of the 12 End portal blocks in a stronghold. You cannot build a working End portal yourself since you have to find a stronghold using the locating ability of the Eyes of Ender.

  1. Create Eyes of Ender

    Craft Eyes of Ender by placing blaze powder next to an Ender pearl on a crafting area. Obtain blaze powder from blaze rods dropped by blazes in the Nether. Get an Ender pearl by killing an Enderman, forcing it to drop the item.

  2. Stock up on Eyes of Ender

    You need a minimum of 12 Eyes of Ender to activate the Ender portal, but you need to make extras to locate the portal. An Eye of Ender moves toward the nearest stronghold in your world and leaves a purple trail in its wake. Make plenty of Eyes of Ender so you can find a stronghold.

  3. Locate a stronghold

    Dig down into the area where an Eye of Ender floats slowly over one spot in the ground, since a stronghold is always underground. Since strongholds are large areas to explore, you must use more Eyes of Ender to locate the room where the End portal lies.

  4. Activate the portal

    Place one Eye of Ender on top of each of the blocks surrounding the End portal. Jump into the portal to get one step closer to the Ender Dragon and the final battle to win the game.