How Do You Build a Dolphin Pinata?

How Do You Build a Dolphin Pinata?

You can make a dolphin piñata using the balloon and paper mache technique or cardboard, depending on your comfort level using a sharp craft knife to cut out a dolphin shape. Attaching three balloons together to create a long, narrow shape and covering it with paper mache makes for a sturdier piñata. You need, in addition to balloons, string, newspaper, flour, water, paint, decorative paper, cardboard and tape. You also need several hours or days.

  1. Gather your supplies

    You need three balloons, string, newspaper, paper mache paste made of flour and water, blue or gray paint, blue or gray crepe paper, ping pong balls painted black for the eyes, masking tape, and cardboard for making the fins and the tail.

  2. Apply the paper mache layers

    After securing the balloons together with string to form the body of the dolphin, use strips of newspaper dipped in paper mache glue to cover the balloon shape completely, laying the strips in different directions. Leave a small hole at one end so you can burst the balloon after the layers of paper mache have dried. Wait for the first layer to dry, and repeat the process for two to three more layers, waiting for the previous layer to dry completely. Shape a nose with the paper mache as well. After the body of the dolphin is completely dry, use a pin to burst the balloons.

  3. Paint the piñata

    Paint your piñata blue or gray. Allow to dry completely.

  4. Fill the piñata with candy

    After the paint dries, cut a rectangular opening at the base so you can fill your piñata with small toys or candy. Make sure you keep the cover of the opening so you can tape it back on after filling the piñata.

  5. Decorate the piñata

    Design fins with cardboard, paint them the same color as the body and attach to the piñata body with masking tape. Cover the whole piñata with small square pieces of crepe paper attached with glue. Attach the black ping pong balls for the eyes using craft glue.

  6. Hang the piñata

    To hang the piñata, make two slits on the top of the dolphin's body. Thread a strong string through the slits, and hang from a sturdy location with plenty of surrounding space.