How Do You Build a Dollhouse?

How Do You Build a Dollhouse?

Use two rectangular pieces of scrap wood to build a dollhouse consisting of just a floor and a wall. Decorate the dollhouse with a variety of objects.

  1. Gather the materials

    Obtain two pieces of rectangular wood. Collect the following items: nails or screws, a hammer, a drill, sandpaper, paint, wood glue, a saw, beeswax, smaller pieces of scrap wood, scrap fabric, faux fur, cardboard, a dowel, a small twig or plant, and children's artwork or photographs.

  2. Construct and paint the dollhouse

    Sand the wood, and use the hammer or the drill to nail or screw the boards together at a right angle. Paint the wood any color you desire.

  3. Make the bed

    Glue together two 2-inch pieces of scrap wood to make a small bed. Wrap the cardboard with scrap fabric to make the headboard, and use a second piece of fabric or a patch of faux fur to create a blanket.

  4. Add a small plant

    Saw off a small piece of a dowel. Sand it, coat it with beeswax, and drill a hole in one end. Place a tiny twig or plant in the hole.

  5. Hang the pictures

    Glue children's miniature drawings or photos to the wall surface to create the illusion of artwork in the dollhouse.

  6. Cut a rug

    Shape another piece of scrap fabric or faux fur into a small rectangle or circle to create a rug. If you prefer, use rug samples.

  7. Populate the dollhouse

    Fill the dollhouse with tiny dolls, and prepare to play.