How Do You Build a Dinosaur?

How Do You Build a Dinosaur?

There are several ways to build a dinosaur at home. The method chosen depends on the intended scale and durability of the model. A dinosaur can be made from a variety of materials, from papier-mâché to clay, supported by a wire or wooden skeleton.

  1. Plan the dinosaur

    Decide what kind of dinosaur you want to build. Research to get the most accurate information possible on that species, particularly images of what the dinosaur may have looked like.

  2. Gather your materials

    Gather the materials you need for the job. For the "skin," use glue and cardboard or papier-mâché, or use clay. You'll need scissors for cutting and shaping the materials, wire coat hangers or similar for the frame, aluminum foil to fill out the frame and paint to finish the surface. If you want to build a large dinosaur, you may need wood, nails and a hammer to make a larger the frame.

  3. Form the frame

    Cut and bend the coat hangers to form a frame that approximates the shape of a dinosaur skeleton. Use the aluminum foil as a wrapping to add thickness to the skeleton. If you are making a large dinosaur, cut wood pieces and nail them together to form a skeleton shape, and add the coat hanger wire and aluminum foil to fill out the shape.

  4. Add the skin

    When you have an accurate skeleton, glue the paper or cardboard “skin” to the skeleton. After the “skin” is dry, paint the dinosaur. Most dinosaur models are painted a grey-green color.