How Do You Build a Craft Teepee?


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To build a craft teepee, first download the teepee template from First Pallette's website. Decorate the teepee, and score each side of the door. Cut the slit in the middle of the door, and fold the door flaps outward using the scored lines as a guide. Use glue to secure the teepee into a cone shape. Tie three twigs together with a rubber band to form a tripod, put inside the teepee, and tape each stick to the side.

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When decorating the teepee, use colored pencils, crayons or markers. To decorate it in a traditional manner, let the bottom represent the earth and the top represent the sky, and fill the middle of the teepee with drawings of animals that serve as spirit helpers. Draw a dark band around the bottom of the teepee, making the top of it either curved to resemble hills or pointed to portray mountains. The top section consists of three different colored bands that typically contain circles that represent stars. Typical spirit helpers include eagles and wolves.

Once the teepee is assembled, Native American figures can be created to live inside it. Simply cut them out of card stock or construction paper, and add an L-shaped cardboard tab to the back of each to allow them to stand upright.

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