How Do You Build a Cardboard Race Car?

How Do You Build a Cardboard Race Car?

Making a cardboard racing car involves painting a box, taping it together, cutting out the doors and windows, attaching the tires and finishing the interior. The project takes roughly 20 minutes plus paint drying time and requires a large cardboard box, craft paint, paintbrushes, a box cutter, five black paper plates, four paper fasteners, two plastic cups, round stickers, clear packing tape, an awl, glue and a cushion.

  1. Paint the box

    Cover your work surface with plastic or newspaper, and lay the box flat on top of it. Paint the entire outside of the box all one color, with stripes or with custom designs. Allow the paint to dry completely.

  2. Construct the box

    Use clear tape to seal the top and bottom of the box.

  3. Cut out the doors

    Lightly trace a semicircle from the top of the box on either side. Use a box cutter to remove these semicircles, creating the doors.

  4. Form the windshield

    Follow the seam of the box back, cutting three sides two-thirds of the way back and fully exposing the semicircles. Push the flap of cardboard up. Fold it in half, securing it with tape. Cut a rectangle from this flap, creating the windshield.

  5. Make the tires

    Place a sticker in the center of each plate. Use an awl to punch a hole in the center of each sticker. Line each tire up on the box, and use the awl to punch through the cardboard.

  6. Secure the tires

    Insert a fastener through the hole, flattening the arms on the inside.

  7. Attach the headlights

    Apply glue to the bottom of each plastic cup. Press each against the front of the car until they stay in place.

  8. Finish the interior

    Use the glue to fasten the remaining paper plate inside the car as the steering wheel. Insert the cushion, creating the driver's seat.