How Do You Build a Cardboard Pirate Ship?

To build a cardboard pirate ship, cut off one long side of a cardboard box, then cut the removed side into two pieces. Next, fold the pieces in half to form triangular shapes and attach the two folded pieces to each end of the box, then add decorative details to the ship. Making this craft takes about two hours and requires a large cardboard box, a box cutter, duct tape, paints or markers, paper and empty wrapping paper tubes.

  1. Prepare the box

    Lay a large cardboard box on its side. Refrigerator boxes work great for this craft. Cut off the top-facing side of the box.

  2. Attach the bow and stern

    Cut the removed side of the box into two pieces. Fold each of the pieces in half to form a triangle. Attach one of the folded pieces to the front and rear ends of the cardboard box. These pieces represent the bow and the stern of the pirate ship.

  3. Add decorative details

    Paint portholes and the name of the pirate ship on the sides of the cardboard box. Use paper and markers to create a flag for the ship. Attach the flag to an empty wrapping paper tube, and secure the tube inside of the ship.