How Do You Build a Boat in Minecraft?

How Do You Build a Boat in Minecraft?

Create a boat in the PC version of Minecraft by placing five wooden planks on a crafting table and then placing the item on the water. Boats allow you to move through large bodies of water more quickly than swimming.

  1. Obtain wooden planks

    Get wooden planks from any type of tree by placing a block of wood on a crafting slot. You get four wooden planks per block of harvested wood.

  2. Place planks properly

    Put five wooden planks on the crafting table in the correct configuration to make a boat. Place three wooden planks along each of the bottom spaces of a crafting table. Put one wooden plank in the left-middle slot and one in the right-middle slot. Click on the finished boat to add it to your inventory.

  3. Place the boat in the water

    Carry the boat in your hand, and right-click on the water to drop the transport onto the water. Climb into the boat by pressing whatever key you have for "use item," which you access by right-clicking on the default controls menu. Exit the boat with the "sneak" key, which is the shift button by default.

  4. Steer the boat

    Control your boat using normal player movement keys. The boat moves in the direction your player faces when you press the forward key or the W button for default controls. When your boat moves fast enough, a visual spray occurs on the water.