How Do You Build a Barrel Train?


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Make a barrel train by cutting holes for passengers in the side of some 55-gallon plastic barrels, attaching each of them to a pre-made or homemade trailer with wheels and chaining them together. A hitch on the front train car lets the barrel train be pulled by a lawnmower or ATV.

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The barrels are most easily painted before they are cut. Get children involved, and let them paint their own car with paint and brushes, or apply a few coats of their favorite color of spray paint to create an even finish. The opening for the train car can be rounded, oval or completely flat depending on the look that appeals to the children. Sand down any sharp edges, or apply cheap rubber gasket material around cut edges using plastic-safe adhesive to prevent accidental injuries.

The barrel train cars are attached to the metal frame by drilling holes through the barrel and the frame and running bolts from the inside of the barrel to the underside of the frame. Attach the bolts and the barrel on the underside of the frame using nuts and washers. When buying or building the trailer for the barrel train cars, choose an assembly that allows for rubber tires instead of plastic. Rubber tires last longer, provide a smoother ride and allow for better off-road capability.

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