How Do You Build an Ant Farm?

How Do You Build an Ant Farm?

To build an ant farm, locate an ant colony in your yard, transfer the dirt and the ants to a bucket, and then carefully funnel the dirt and ants into the farm. Add the queen ant, eggs and larvae on top of the dirt last.

  1. Gather supplies

    You need a large glass jar or container to house the ants and a small glass container to fit inside and take up space.

  2. Find an ant colony

    Look around your yard for an ant hill. Dig up some of the soft soil and ants, and place them in a bucket. Check for larger ants, a queen ant with wings, eggs and larvae, and add these to another bucket.

  3. Transfer the ants to the farm

    With a paper funnel, carefully pour the dirt and the smaller ants into the glass container. Then place the queen ant and her offspring on top of the soil.

  4. Seal the farm

    Poke small air holes in the lid of the glass container, and then screw on the lid.

  5. Cover the farm

    Wrap a piece of paper around the glass container to create a sleeve, which provides darkness for the ants. In the dark, the ants start work immediately to create a new home

  6. Maintain the farm

    Every couple of days or so, provide very small amounts of food and water for the ants.