How Do I Build an Aggravation Game Board?

To create an Aggravation game board, the builder cuts a piece of plywood into a hexagon or octagon, depending on the style of the game she prefers, then drills marble-sized divots into the board for game play. The divots should complete a "track" around the board for the marbles to follow.

Aggravation is a dice game that requires each player to move his or her marbles around the entire game board. The first player to reach the "Home" location with all marbles is declared the winner. The design of the board varies from one version to another.

Step 1: Prepare the Board

The builder uses a miter saw or dremel tool to cut a sheet of plywood into the desired shape. Sanding down the wood after cutting will create a smooth game board, and sanding the edges softens them so that they do not cause injury.

Step 2: Drill the Divots

An Aggravation game board requires divots to keep the marbles in place. Using a tape measure and magic marker or pencil, the builder marks the locations for the divots based on the shape of her choosing. Common shapes for Aggravation boards include crosses, stars and starbursts. Once the divot locations are marked, the builder creates the divots using a half-inch drill press or plunge router.

Step 3: Finish the Board

The builder sands down the board again, including the edges of the divots, then finishes the board using paint, stain, a sealant or a combination.