What Is a Buffet Clarinet?


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A buffet clarinet is an instrument made by the Buffet Crampon company, a manufacturer famous for their professional woodwind instruments. Although most famous for their clarinets, the company manufactures a range of woodwind instruments, which includes saxophones, bassoons, flutes and oboes.

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The company began when Denis Buffet-Auger began to make woodwind instruments in France in 1825. Jean-Louis Buffet and Zoe Crampon, his wife, later expanded the company and changed the name to Buffet Crampon. Throughout the 1800s, Buffet Crampon continued to expand their business, and by the early 1900s was selling its woodwind instruments to the American market. In 1950, the company introduced the R13 clarinet, which is a very popular model among professional clarinetists.

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