What Are Some of the Broken Commandments in "Animal Farm?"

Seven commandments were created by all the animals in "Animal Farm," and all the commandments were broken by Napoleon the boar, including "no animal shall drink alcohol." The rest of the pigs painted the commandments on the side of the barn so no one could claim ignorance.

The commandments listed on the side of the barn included: whatever has two legs is an enemy; whatever has four legs or wings is a friend; no animal shall wear clothes; no animal shall sleep in a bed; and no animal shall drink alcohol. The two additional commandments stated that no animal shall kill any other animal, and all animals are equal.

Napoleon began breaking these commandments almost immediately by stealing the cow's milk and giving it to the pigs. As the book continues, he is drinking alcohol; wearing a hat; sleeping in the human's bed, eating his food and trading with him. He even begins walking on two feet like humans. Napoleon also shocks the animals by stealing and killing some of them, but his last act of disregard for the commandments establishes his role as dictator. At the end of the book, Napoleon changes the seventh commandment so that now it reads, "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."