What Is a Bridge Bidding Sheet?


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A bridge bidding sheet provides information on the recommended bid for a player to make, based on that player's hand and the game situation. Bridge bidding sheets may include recommended opening bids, responding bids and rebids.

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Bridge bidding sheets are also known as cheat sheets and crib sheets. Bidding sheets are useful for players that are learning the game, as a player can quickly consult the sheet to find the appropriate bid. As the player memorizes recommended bids, the sheet becomes less important. At all levels of bridge, players develop their own bidding methods.

Rules regarding the use of bidding sheets vary depending on the game. Friendly games typically allow bidding sheets, since they're not as competitive and players may still be learning the game. Players can use bidding sheets for online games, as there is no way to enforce a rule against bidding sheets. At clubs or other games, the player should ask about bidding sheet rules before using one.

Some bidding sheets provide multiple bidding options in order from best to worst, in which case the player chooses the best option that fits his hand. If none of the options apply, the player may want to pass with a weak hand or consult any available slam bidding information with a strong hand.

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