How Do You Breed a Wubbox?


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A Wubbox cannot be bred in any way. It is only attainable by purchasing it from a market when you reach level 20. A Wubbox can be obtained on Plant, Cold, Air, Water, Earth, Gold and Ethereal Islands.

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The Wubbox is distinct in that it has three stages. From beginning to end, they are the initial egg stage, larval box stage and the adult monster stage. When a Wubbox hatches, it is inactive in its box form until you "box" (or feed it) one of every type of monster that naturally exists on the island on which the Wubbox is placed. Alternatively, a Wubbox can be activated by paying 450 diamonds minus 30 for each monster that has been boxed. These rates rise to 12,000 diamonds minus 800 per boxed monster if raising a Wubbox on Ethereal Island.

Once a Wubbox has been activated, it is seen in its adult form, which is a singing and dancing robot that dramatically changes the song of whatever island it is on by adding a dubstep track. This adult form can be fed to raise its levels, just like any other monster in the game. The selling price, earned coin rate per minute and maximum income of the Wubbox is greater than any other Singing Monster.

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