How Do You Breed a Jade Dragon?


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In the mobile game "DragonVale," jade dragons can be bred by combining a salamander dragon and a plasma dragon in the Breeding Cave or Epic Breeding Island. They are available starting from level 14. Like other gemstone dragons, jade dragons cannot be bred with other dragons.

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According to the in-game lore, jade dragons are native to the Isle of Ulmek where their coloration helped them blend into the flora. Their breeding time is between 24 to 30 hours, and their incubation time is 30 hours and 26 minutes. Jade dragons are available for longer than other gemstone dragons, and they have the lowest gemstone price on the market, at 700 gems. They can also be sold for 2.5 million gold in the shops. Breeding jade dragons garners 150,000 experience points.

"DragonVale" is a freemium game available for Android and iOS. Players breed, hatch and raise dragons, hoping to create rare combinations that attract more visitors to their mobile theme park. Dragons can compete in races or perform in the Coliseum for prizes of gold and gemstones, allowing players to buy decorations and expand their parks. All dragons come in four primary forms: egg, baby, adolescent and adult. They reach adolescence at level 4 and adulthood at level 7.

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