How Do You Breed Horses in Minecraft?


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Breed horses in the PC version of Minecraft by feeding at least two tame horses golden apples to make them love each other. Foals take about 20 minutes to grow into adult horses.

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  1. Build an enclosure

    Build an enclosure at least three blocks high to enclose your horses so they do not run away to another area. Construct the pen at least three blocks high to prevent the horses and their offspring from jumping out.

  2. Tame two horses

    You must tame at least two horses, one at a time. Approach a horse with nothing in your character's hand, then right-click on the animal. The horse will probably throw you off, but after a few attempts, the horse is tame when you see hearts surrounding it as you ride it. Feed the horse some hay for better success. Then tame a second horse.

  3. Feed two horses the right food

    Take golden apples from your inventory, and place them in your hand. Right-click on the horse you want to feed, and it will eat the golden apple. After it consumes the golden fruit, hearts will come out of the horse to show it is ready to breed. Repeat this process with a second horse.

  4. Get ready for a wild foal

    See a wild baby horse very quickly after two horses are surrounded by hearts. The adult horses get close to each other, and then a foal appears as a smaller version of one of the adults.

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