How Do You Breed a Gummy Dragon in "Dragon City"?


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A breeding mountain and a combination of electric and nature in the two mating dragons are needed in order to breed a gummy dragon in "Dragon City." The hybrid gummy dragon can be purchased in the store if mating is unsuccessful for breeding the species.

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The gummy dragon in "Dragon City" is a bouncy and happy dragon that loves butterflies, summer clouds and sugar. The dragon looks like bubblegum, includes a combination of electric and nature elements, is often referred to as plant and lightening and is not always easy to obtain.

One way to try for a chance to breed this dragon is to mate the cactus dragon and the electric dragon. The breeding process takes about 10 hours to complete to find out if a gummy dragon was created. After the breeding is complete, another 10 hours is required for the hatching time.

Once hatched, the gummy dragon will evolve as he is fed. The gummy dragon remains a baby during the first level through the fourth where he then evolves into a teenager with more power. The gummy dragon does not reach adulthood until level seven. The gummy dragon earns during the game every hour, but also costs to feed him in order to unlock his powers.

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