How Do You Breed a Bowgart?


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To breed a Bowgart Monster in the game “My Singing Monsters,” the player needs to combine an earth and a plant-element monster. The recommended pairing of monsters to create the Bowgart Monster hybrid is a Maw Monster and a Potbelly Monster. However, the combining of other earth and plant-element monsters could have the same result.

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Before players gain the ability to breed Bowgart Monsters, they must first obtain the breeding structure. This happens once the player reaches level seven. Once the breeding structure is obtained, they can combine Potbelly Monsters and Maw Monsters to make Bowgart Monsters. It doesn't matter in which order players attempt to breed the monsters. If users don't receive the desired monster on their first breeding attempt, they have to continue trying until they get the monster they want.

In “My Singing Monsters,” breeding is all up to chance. Sometimes breeding results in multiple monsters. The chance of getting any particular monster is dependent on the rarity of that monster. The Bowgart Monster is considered a rare monster, and it takes up to 12 hours to breed it. Players can also choose to buy the monster for 50 diamonds if they don't want to attempt to breed it.

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