How Do You Breed a Blabbit?


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A Blabbit is bred in the game "My Singing Monsters" by combining a Spunge and Scups during the Easter season when the player is at least level 9. The blabbit is normally available only during that time period, though it was once also available during a brief event that took place between Aug. 26 and Sept. 3, 2013.

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The specific dates for the Easter season, during which Blabbits can be bread, differ depending on which game platform is used. On the PlayStation Vita, the Blabbit can be bred and purchased between March 20 and April 20. Every other platform for the game bases the availability off of the real-world calendar date for Easter. Blabbits can reside only in Water Island and Gold Island. They are part of a special set of singing monsters that are obtainable only during certain seasons and are meant to commemorate specific holidays. Blabbits are based off the Easter bunny, complete with rabbitlike features and behavioral habits that include searching for and hiding eggs. As event-exclusive monsters, Blabbits are worth 10 times the amount of experience points and gold received through breeding regular monsters. However, their earning rate for coins per minute and maximum income levels are not enhanced in any way.

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