What Are Some Brands of Model Railroad Layout Kits?


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Woodland Scenics, Walthers, Bachmann Trains and Model Power are some brands of model railroad layout kits. All of these suppliers have a wide selection of model railroad layout kits for creating many elements, including scenery, buildings, track architecture, vehicles and people. Most of the brands make multiple scale sizes to match the most popular model train scales, including HO and N as well as the less popular O and G scales.

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Woodland Scenics is one of the top ranked brands for model railroad buildings. The company manufactures many different types of scenery kits for terrain and backdrops such as forests, mountains, farms and towns. Woodland Scenics makes mini scene kits, trackside kits and complete layout kits. The railroad kit supplier also sells paints, glues and other accessories for constructing the kits.

Walthers sells complete layout kits as well as many individual layout element kits to allow users to construct their own scenery, including trees, rocks and mountains, ground cover, animals, and structures. Numerous types of civilian, civil service and military vehicles are available in undecorated versions for finishing by the user.

Bachmann Trains provides users with a mobile app that allows them to construct their own kits, and Power Model has an extensive set of building kits in various scale sizes.

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