What Are Some Brain Games on Luminosity.com?


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Some games on Lumosity.com include "Monster Garden," "MoneyComb," "Train of Thought," "Word Bubbles" and several versions of "Memory Match." Lumosity games are designed to challenge and exercise the brain.

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The games on Lumosity.com are designed to test a person's ability to remember patterns and locations, associate names with faces, keep track of multiple pieces of information and recall object and movement sequences. To use Lumosity.com, an account must be set up using an email address and a password chosen by the user. Users begin by taking the free Fit Test, which features activities based on memory, speed and attention. While a few activities can be accessed for free, an upgrade to a paid account gives the user access to more games and tests.

Lumosity creates a personalized training program and sends daily activities. It also keeps track of the user's progress. Users receive reminders when its time to play or take a test. Also, the program adjusts itself based on the user's performance. Users can even enter information such as how long they sleep each night and how they feel that day. This data is tracked along with results and progress. Members can pay monthly, yearly or on a two-year basis. Family memberships and lifetime memberships are also available.

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