How Do You Braid Four Strands of Cord?


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To braid four strands of cord, start by binding four chords of equal length together close to the top of the bunch. Spread out the four cords so they can be individually manipulated. Take the third cord over the second and under the first, then place the second cord over the fourth. Take the fourth cord over the first and under the third, and move the first cord over the second. Repeat until the entire strand is braided.

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Cord braiding is typically completed with parachute cord, which also goes by the name paracord. While the cord is lightweight nylon and somewhat elastic, it can hold up to 550 pounds before breaking, making it the perfect material for utility cords in both military and civilian applications. Paracord has even found a home in the fashion world, where it is used for belts, lanyards and bracelets that can be easily disassembled to use the material in a survival situation.

Paracord itself is made of at least seven strands of yarn hidden beneath a protective casing. In survival situations, the cord can be dissected, and the yarn inside can be used to make fishing line, nets or reinforcing makeshift shelters. When pulled apart, paracord braids yield up to 800 feet of usable cord and yarn per every foot of paracord.

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