What Are Some Bowl Turning Techniques?

What Are Some Bowl Turning Techniques?

Bowl turning techniques include roughing the bowl, sealing the bowl to prevent drying and cracking and sanding the bowl. Other techniques include power sanding and applying a finish to the bowl.

The first step in bowl turning is to place the bowl blank between the centers on the woodworking lathe. Ensure that the bottom of the bowl faces the tail stock. Begin turning the bowl blank starting from the bottom and moving towards the top. This technique of roughing the bowl involves small sweeping motions to get the basic form down.

The roughed out version is complete when the bottom of the bowl is flat. Leave about 1.5 inches of tenon on the bottom of the bowl.

Bowl sanding techniques require an electric drill and a sanding disk. Set the drill to a coarse grit setting, and sand from bottom to top. Sand from bottom to top again on the next highest grit setting. Repeat this until the sanding marks are eliminated.

Sand the inside of the bowl with the same sanding technique used on the outside. Use an air compressor between grit sandings to blow away dust and wood chippings.

Finish the bowl with a mixture of varnish and thinner. Finish can also be purchased such as Tung oil or Danish oil. Apply the finish, let the bowl sit for 10 minutes, then apply a little more finish and wait 15 minutes. After the time is up, wipe the bowl down, and the finish is complete.