What Are Some Facts About Bowl Turning?


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Bowl turning is a form of wood turning, and is performed using a machine called a lathe. You should only perform bowl turning with properly sharpened tools at appropriate speeds.

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Bowl turning is typically carried out at a speed of about 500 RPM up to a maximum of 4000 RPM. The wood moves while the turner uses a tool to create the shape, which sets the process apart from other forms of woodwork. Generally, the wider the stock, the lower the speed setting should be. The tool being used to turn the bowl, such as a chisel, scraper or gouge, should touch the tool rest at all times. Woodworkers usually cut downwards, working with the grain.

When working with cutters such as chisels or gouges, the turner should position her forehand higher up than her rear hand to allow for more accurate shaping. There are different turning methods that you can use, including eccentric turning, segmented turning and therming. Tools used for turning are typically made of either carbon steel, high-speed steel or powdered metal. Due to the high speeds involved, it is necessary to sharpen certain tools more often than others, such as carbon steel tools. It is common for workers to wear protective eye, ear and skin gear when bowl turning.

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