How Is a Book Jacket Created?


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A book jacket can be designed and constructed using several simple household items, including an empty cereal or oatmeal box, several sheets of white or light-colored construction paper, a pen and pencil and basic art supplies, such as paints, crayons and markers. These simple tools, combined with a bit of creativity, can serve nicely as a medium for creating a book jacket. The two sides of the cereal box serve as the front and back covers, while sheets of white or lightly colored construction paper can then be glued or taped to the sleeve surfaces to create a blank slate for drawing and writing.

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How Is a Book Jacket Created?
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There is some room for flexibility with book covers as far as layout is concerned. Some people may want to leave room on the front and back covers for multiple pictures or large pictures, while others may prefer to have more content. Once the skeleton of the book jacket is assembled, students can begin the process of personally designing their book jackets. Typically, the front cover is used to catch the attention of readers and should include at least one visual image, the title of the book at hand and the name of the author and/or illustrator whose work is being discussed. The back cover should leave room for a brief summary and have space for a short review.

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