What Is the "Book of Eclipse"?

What Is the "Book of Eclipse"?

The Book of Eclipse is a spell card in the trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh! This quick play spell card was issued in 2008 and 2014.

The card reads: "Change all face-up monsters on the field to face-down Defense Position. During the End Phase, flip all face-down Defense Position monsters your opponent controls face-up, and if you do, your opponent draws 1 card for each."

The card is fairly common and was issued in two sets: The Duelist Genesis and Battle Pack 3 Monster League. The card is sold regularly on Amazon and websites like YugiohPrices, which act as exchange markets for players looking to improve their cards.

The Yu-Gi-Oh card game was first released in Asian markets in 1996 and then world wide in 2002. The game has become very popular since the company Konami took full control of its development and production. There is a world championship series with regional and international qualifying events throughout the year. The cards are sold as collectibles, with the rarest cards selling for thousands of dollars. The most expensive cards are issued to tournament and championship winners.

Yu-Gi-Oh means "game king" in Japanese. The name comes from the original manga and anime works Yu-Gi-Oh, which centered on a boy who plays a game called Duel Monsters. This game is the basis for the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game.