How Do I Blur the Background in My Photos?


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To blur the background in your photos, open the image with the background you want to edit using Adobe Photoshop and click on the "blur" tool. Choose the stroke, the brush size and the blur strength. Hold the mouse down over the areas on the picture you want to blur and move the brush in circular motions until the desired background is achieved.

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  1. Open the image using Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop is an editing software that has a "blur" effect tool. Use Photoshop to open the image file.

  2. Select the blur tool

    Click on the raindrop icon on the toolbar.

  3. Choose the blur settings

    Choose which stroke and brush size you want to use. You can also select the area on the image on which you want to focus. Select the blur strength. A lower number means a more subtle blur effect and allows for more control.

  4. Use the blur tool brush over the background

    Hold down the mouse button and drag the brush over the areas in the background you want to blur. Move the brush around in circles, maintaining a circular motion throughout the background to ensure an even blur. Repeat the motion until the desired background is achieved.

  5. Save the new image

    When the background is finished, save the image under a new file name. This ensures that the original picture is not replaced by the edited image.

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