What Does a Blue Rose Symbolize?

Blue roses symbolize mystery and the impossible, as well as extraordinary beauty. They also symbolize ambiguity and a sense of surrealism. Blue roses do not occur naturally, due to the fact that roses do not possess the natural pigment needed to create the color blue.

Blue roses are also common symbols in literature, representing impossible prosperity and unrequited love. The fact that a blue rose is naturally unattainable and one can only be created with hard work and attention to detail signifies that blue roses are similar to many aspects of life. Riches are often out of reach for middle class individuals, and unrequited love is unattainable as well. The color blue also represents a melancholy feeling, which is what many people feel when their life and love goals cannot be met.

Blue roses are created by injecting blue dye or food coloring into rose stems. They can also be created by placing cut white roses in a vase of water with blue food coloring. Two drops of blue food coloring per half dozen roses creates a deep shade of blue. The roses slightly change color after just a few hours, but it is best to leave the roses in the water for at least 48 hours to ensure a deep blue hue.