How Do You Blast Away the Wall in Mario 64?

"Super Mario 64" is a game for the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS game systems. Blast Away the Wall is the sixth stage in the second level, Whomp's Fortress. The goal is to acquire a power star.

  1. Enter the Whomp's Fortress painting

    The entrance to Whomp's Fortress is on the first floor of the castle. One power star is required to open the door. Enter the level and choose the sixth star, Blast Away the Wall.

  2. Go to the ledge

    Walk straight. When you see a ledge on the left side, jump onto it.

  3. Jump to the top of the stone wall

    Perform a backwards somersault maneuver to reach the top of the stone wall by holding crouch and then pressing jump. Turn left and walk through the water in the direction of the bob-omb buddy.

  4. Get in the cannon

    Enter the cannon in the ground. Aim at the thin corner of the wall to your immediate right.

  5. Blast the wall

    Launch Mario into that corner of the wall to break a piece off.

  6. Return to the cannon

    Go back to the cannon. Aim slightly above and to the right of where the first piece of wall used to be.

  7. Blast the other piece, and collect the power star

    Launch Mario through the other piece of the wall to reveal a power star. Collect the power star to finish the level.