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Some games about the blacksmithing profession are "Jacksmith," "Jacksmith 2," "Idle Blacksmith" and "The Blacksmith Game," as of 2015. Some of the games made by the independent development studio Blacksmith Games include "Plushed Gold Fever," "Plushed," "Animals," "Boostball" and "Make Me Happy."

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The game "Jacksmith" tells the story of a donkey that has great skill in creating different kinds of weapons but is in need of money. As such, he sets out to claim a reward for rescuing a princess, with the help of local soldiers. The gameplay consists of making different weapons for the soldiers using mouse clicks on special items to pour the metal and temper it. Its sequel, "Jacksmith 2," uses similar mechanics to allow players to create various weapons on demand. The games "The Blacksmith Game" and "Idle Blacksmith" also use mouse-click controls to make weapons within a time limit. However, "Idle Blacksmith" works with the Unity game engine, which may not play properly in certain browsers.

The company Blacksmith Games specializes in mobile games, particularly for the Apple iOS operating system. Players interested in its games need to download them from the iOS App Store or by visiting the appropriate page on the iTunes website. Online downloads require the player to sync the game to a device using a computer.

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