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Blackriver Ramps is a company that designs and manufactures different products for use in the fingerboard hobby game. Fingerboards are a type of miniature skate board that a person is able to control with her fingers. The game has no set rules, but instead focuses on freestyle tricks and maneuvers.

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When Blackriver Ramps first began operation in the 1990s, it made full-size skateboard ramps. However, over the course of the decade, its focus began to shift from mainstream skateboards to the emerging subculture surrounding fingerboards. Blackriver Ramps eventually began full-time production of miniature ramps and accessories for use with fingerboards, leveraging its experience with traditional skateboard design and culture to create an authentic experience and product.

As of 2015, the company makes and sells products for both full-size skateboards as well as fingerboards, operating retail stores throughout Germany along with an international Web store on its site, Blackriver-Ramps.com. Many of its fingerboard and skateboard products have endorsements from famous skaters in both fields. For example, one of its fingerboard ramps is the Mike Schneider III Signature Brick Ledge, which consists of a ledge for grinding and a ramp for initiating jumps. The company named it after professional skater Mike Schneider.

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