What Are Some Free Birdhouse Plans?

The one-board DIY birdhouse is a basic plan for housing several bird species. More elaborate free birdhouse plans include the backyard birdhouse, wren house, barn owl nestbox and bird's nesting box.

The one-board DIY birdhouse requires only a single pine board for construction. Other materials include 2-inch galvanized finishing nails and 1 5/8-inch galvanized deck screws. The simple plan also requires using a hand saw and power drill.

The backyard birdhouse takes approximately one day to construct and looks like a miniature Craftsman house. The materials include two sizes of pine boards, fir plywood, galvanized finish nails and carpenter's glue. The finished house includes a miniature chimney, porch and dormer as the entrance to the house.

The wren house is a diamond-shaped birdhouse that's appropriate for hanging or for mounting on a tree. The free plan includes two versions. One version features two brass screw eyes in the roof for hanging, while the other includes a keyhole in the back for tree mounting. The roof is hinged for easy access to the interior.

The barn owl nestbox is a larger construction meant to be fastened approximately 6 yards off the ground. It also needs a designated amount of space in the barn owl's habitat. The sturdy design of the nestbox makes it suitable for year-round use by barn owls.

The bird's nesting box is a smaller house with a cone-shaped roof. The free instructions recommend building the house in the winter so that human smells have a chance to dissipate before the birds arrive in the spring.