What Is a Bionicle Game?


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Bionicle video games, such as the 2003 title "Bionicle: The Game," are child-friendly fantasy games made to complement the Bionicle toy lines. They provide the storyline to complement the comic books, films and other tie-ins. Official online Bionicle tie-in games include the "Mata Nui Online Game."

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Bionicle is a type of construction toy made by Lego. The line was first launched in 2000. The games, like the series, are set in a science fiction and fantasy universe.

The early online Bionicle Flash games have been removed from the official Bionicle website. However, Bionicle fan sites such as BioMediaProject.com and BringBackBionicle.com still provide working links to many of the official and fan-made Bionicle videogames.

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